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Web Development

Your website needs a great first impression. It plays an integral role and delivers your message. StudioIMI, with +300 designs in our portfolio and proven experience helps any company succeed. We review your goals, plan effective strategies to promote your company and generate leads. A dynamic website keeps your message active. Our design team's professional solutions have helped many businesses, franchises and organizations succeed over the past 12 years.

Custom Programming

Do you have a need for a unique application? StudioIMI has the people with years of expertise to develop software for you, including Web Apps. These Apps are micro-sized web sites that connect people and perform particular functions for your company. Apps can be used to collect data, share information, or provide a marketing thrust – the list is as endless as your thoughts and ideas. Call us with your questions and let's create a strategy together.

Franchise and Small Business Consultants

We have 25 years of Branding experience to rely on. Sales and marketing campaigns for SMEs and entrepreneurs from StudioIMI get the job done. Start-ups or expansion - we provide a wide range of services to help. You will become "the business you want to be" with the tools and proven business systems we offer. Our services include sales, marketing, franchise support, social media, web marketing, SEO/PPC, content writing and more.

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Padgett Owner Characteristics: Sustainability

Sustainability One of the characteristics we know to be of great value to entrepreneurs is sustainability.  It can be also referred to as durability and persistence. This is the ability to maintain your attention on your business and not be distracted. It means that you depend on hard work instead of good luck. Before I

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Padgett Franchisee Characteristics: Focus

Focus is the ability to concentrate on the project at hand and stay with it until completion. This may be as simple as writing a letter or as complex as filing year-end statements. Once you start a business, it’s important to maintain focus until all aspects of the business are running smoothly. This characteristic is

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New website launch – Victoria Car Consultant

StudioIMI is proud to announce the launch of our latest website. Victoria Car Consultants has started a new business in Victoria providing services to new and used car buyers. A Personal Car Buyer’s Consultant acts on behalf of Victoria based car buyers interested in simplifying the process of buying their next vehicle. It does not

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Padgett Business Characteristics: Conviction

Padgett Small Biz Franchise owners become directly involved with entrepreneurs. This is what makes many owners stand apart from other companies in this market. These opportunities arise in the course of business relationships that are offered by Padgett Small Business Pros. The Franchise specializes in assisting both start-ups as well small businesses. Franchise owners see first

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What Makes Up Your 2016 Business Strategy?

It seems that every one of our clients turns over the calendar and looks at the new year with fresh vigor and expectations for their business to continue growing. This is also a great time to make the changes you may have delayed and to take a fresh look at your 2016 plans. We usually

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Successful Tips for Padgett Accounting Businesses

What are the most important things to be aware of for your business? As franchise owners, we need to cut through the noise to determine the critical pieces. Providing these services to small business owners make so much difference. To a busy owner, having a resource to count on for advice with taxes, GST and

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