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Web Development and Site Rebuild

Websites need to make a great first impression. They play an integral role to deliver your message. StudioIMI, with +300 new designs and proven experience helps your company succeed. We review your goals, plan effective strategies, promote your company and generate leads. Dynamic websites keep your message active. Our design team's professional solutions have helped many businesses, franchises, organizations succeed since 2002.

Custom PHP Programming

Do you have a unique application? StudioIMI's resources have years of expertise to develop software code for you, including Web Apps. These Apps are micro-sized web sites that connect people and perform particular functions for your company. Apps can be used to collect data, share information, or provide a marketing thrust – the list is as endless as your thoughts and ideas. Call us with your questions and let's create a strategy together.

Sales/Marketing Consultants

We have 25 years of Branding experience to rely on. Sales and marketing campaigns for SMEs and entrepreneurs from StudioIMI helps you company grow. Start-ups or expanding - we provide a wide range of services to help. You will become "the business you expect to be" with the tools and proven business systems we offer. Services include sales, marketing, social media, web marketing, SEO/PPC, franchise management, content writing and more.

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Business Tips – Think Long-term

One of the most interesting presentations I heard in my career came from Terry Mathews back in the days of Newbridge Networks.  In Kanata, Ontario, Terry was a very successful entrepreneur having built Mitel and created Newbridge, both in the telecom market space.  He owns golf courses and numerous businesses in Ottawa and globally. During

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Business Tips – Avoid Bad News Bears

Along the way, you will run into a wide range of people who may have an impact on you as an entrepreneur.  Most people will likely venture an opinion about your ideas and you need to be careful to avoid those who always have negative thoughts.  They may not necessarily mean any harm, they may unfortunately

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Business Tips – Continuing Education

As a serial entrepreneur of more than 18 years, one thing stands out for me… I always have a voracious appetite to learn more!  Learning never seems to stop if you are inquisitive by nature and you should be as a business owner.  Ask you staff, ask your clients and ask your business associates for

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Business Tips – Business Coaching

As a business owner, it is important to receive objective points of view.  Sometimes friends, family or business associates will be reluctant to give you the feedback you need.  Imagine if you were about to make a fairly radical change to the product offering you provide and you wanted to solicit straight forward feedback.  A

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Business Tips – Learn from Success

As a business owner, you may become stuck making decisions that have a financial or logistical impact on your business. One of the toughest areas that business owners have difficulty with is marketing.  It can be crushing to invest thousands on your website or a social media marketing campaign when the results aren’t happening.  StudioIMI provides social media consulting

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Business Tips – Connecting

Our business tip for the day is fairly simple.  Network with other companies and associates you know in your town.  Share your passion with them and leave them with a couple of takeaways.  Take notes about these associates and your conversations.  Learn something about them and their own business.  Consider building relationships with people who

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