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Web Development

Your website needs a great first impression. It plays an integral role and delivers your message. StudioIMI, with +300 designs in our portfolio and proven experience helps any company succeed. We review your goals, plan effective strategies to promote your company and generate leads. A dynamic website keeps your message active. Our design team's professional solutions have helped many businesses, franchises and organizations succeed over the past 12 years.

Custom Programming

Do you have a need for a unique application? StudioIMI has the people with years of expertise to develop software for you, including Web Apps. These Apps are micro-sized web sites that connect people and perform particular functions for your company. Apps can be used to collect data, share information, or provide a marketing thrust – the list is as endless as your thoughts and ideas. Call us with your questions and let's create a strategy together.

Franchise and Small Business Consultants

We have 25 years of Branding experience to rely on. Sales and marketing campaigns for SMEs and entrepreneurs from StudioIMI get the job done. Start-ups or expansion - we provide a wide range of services to help. You will become "the business you want to be" with the tools and proven business systems we offer. Our services include sales, marketing, franchise support, social media, web marketing, SEO/PPC, content writing and more.

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Three: Small Business Series – SWOT

Throughout my business career starting with Motorola, I have had business analysis ingrained into my daily routine and it has served me very well.  At Motorola, when we did our quarterly territory reviews, we incorporated the SWOT analyses into the overall strategies.  In fact, at times we presented a SWOT analysis for every major client.

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Are Good Sales Reps Worth the Investment?

Interesting question that businesses have been wrestling with every day, for years. In today’s internet world, the sales process has changed so much. Years ago, a sales call meant driving, maybe flying to the customer for meetings and sometimes all-day presentations and demonstrations. There were not the internet tools available to shorten the timeline between

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Two: Small Business Series – Target Markets

As you develop your perfect client profile, you can use some tools to help you along the way.  One such tool is for the psychographic profile that covers: lifestyle, buying habits, consumption patterns, attitudes and outlooks. This information may be found by looking on the internet to learn how to interpret psychographics as they pertain

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Entrepreneur – Best Practices

At StudioIMI, we work with numerous entrepreneurs at all stages of their business. In some cases, the business is preparing to launch and we are asked to put together a website and marketing plan. Other times, we are called in to develop the brand, create marketing campaigns or improve lead generation to help the business

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One: Small Business Series – Finding Target Clients

StudioIMI Small Business Consultants have experience working with entrepreneurs in many different markets. We have developed campaigns for the hospitality industry, strata’s, technology companies, real estate, artists, agriculture, education, telecom and others. During the time we have worked for over 300+ clients on their branding, marketing, sales and start-ups, we have continued our own education. Business

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Above Grade Level in-home tutoring

StudioIMI Franchise Consultants represent the Above Grade Level brand in British Columbia and Alberta. We can answer all your questions regarding this fantastic franchise opportunity. If you have a teaching background, this may be an excellent way to own a business that provides supplemental education to students of all ages and all subjects. Your chance

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