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Web Development and Site Rebuild

Websites need to make a great first impression, to retain visitors and play an integral role by delivering your message. StudioIMI, with hundreds of designs and proven experience helps your company succeed. We review your goals, develop a strategy, promote your company, even generate leads. Since 2002, our team's professional solutions have helped many businesses succeed.

Custom PHP Programming

Have a unique application? StudioIMI's resources have the expertise to develop software code for you, including Web Apps. These apps connect people and perform important functions for your company. Collect data, share information, or provide a marketing thrust – the list is as endless as your thoughts and ideas. Call us with your questions and let's create a strategy together.

Sales/Marketing Consultants

We have 25 years of Branding experience. Sales and marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs from StudioIMI help your company grow. Starting out or expanding - we provide all the services you need. Become "the business you expect to be" with our tools and proven business systems. Sales, marketing, social media, on-line selling, SEO/PPC, franchising, content writing and more.

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Business Coaching Parksville BC

We provide Business Coaching in Parksville BC.  It is part of our company offering to clients in this area.  Although we do provide a complete suite of solutions for small to medium sized businesses, coaching can be applied to most situations.  My coaching career started over fifteen years ago. I was up in the air

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Business Start-Up Parksville BC

     At StudioIMI, we  are contacted regularly by entrepreneurs looking to put their great ideas into action.  We find it very interesting to work with start-ups… we were one ourselves a few years back, as well.  We never take for granted what it means to be at “Go”.  My first business start-up happened in

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New Business Website Ranking

At StudioIMI, we build websites for new companies as well as for existing ones.  The rules for both of these scenarios require a clear discussion of priorities.  A brand new website typically includes us acquiring a domain from a company such as GoDaddy.  They are one of many “Registrars” in that market.  Once you buy

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Canada’s 150th Birthday

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Years ago friends of ours brought a CD to our cottage and we listened, for the first time, to this traditional and light-hearted song written and sung by the Arrogant Worms…  Hope you enjoy the song. StudioIMI has been in business since 2003 and has worked with over 300 clients across North America. Our areas

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Happy 150th Birthday Canada

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At StudioIMI, we have been busy.  Part of our workload in 2017 has been the release of our new application Show Me The WiFi.  This great web-based app allows Victorians and visitors to track businesses that provide free WiFi. You can take a Pedicab, walk, drive, bus or cab around Victoria and our map provides

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Why You Should Skip The Templates and Get A Custom Website!

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If you’re building websites, you’re part of the new raging trend. In fact, the landscape of the internet is littered with pre-fabricated templates that all have an alarmingly similar look. While using a builder is fine, if you’re writing a blog about the adventures of your cat, and the website is chic, modern and serious

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