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What are Your Goals for 2018?

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What are Your Goals for 2018?

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coachingAt StudioIMI, we are often asked to provide consultative solutions to businesses in Parksville BC and Vancouver Island.  At the end of each year, we reflect on how our businesses progressed in 2017.   Businesses should always be looking at ways to improve the brand, increase sales, attain better profitability, stabilize the staff and interact more effectively with the customers we have.

It may be difficult, if you’re running a small business, to see what’s needed.   This is where we come in.   Like most entrepreneurs, you should have a vision and a written business plan.  This is the time of year, not only to look at what we want to change in 2018 but where we missed the mark in 2017.   It’s difficult to meet every objective you set and it’s important to keep your business in perspective.

Look at the things you did accomplish and make a list… it will make you feel better.  2017-to-2018Consider some things that may have not evolved and move them into the 2018 list (if they still make sense).  I can empathize with entrepreneurs as I’ve been one for over 18 years.  I have my mentors who are there to advise and sometimes second guess me.  Criticisms can be tough to handle but constructively given, they can have a huge impact.

This past week I saw two example of businesses – one gets it, the other, not so much.  I went to a new dental practice for a check up.  The professionalism was so apparent.  As an owner myself, I was very impressed.  Upon walking in the door, I was greeted and welcomed.  A few moments wait and the dentist’s assistant opened the door (and held it open), and with a big smile, invited me into the office.  She was friendly, made sure I was comfortable, went over my forms and made me feel important.   Soon after, the dentist came in, big smile, hand shake and a welcome.  He asked a few more questions and we were ready to get down to business.  Now dental visits don’t exactly rank high on most people’s list however this was handled differently.  After a thorough check-up, a cleaning was scheduled and the hygienist was friendly, questioning and gave me the most professional cleaning I’ve ever had.  We laughed and she explained things to me that had never been explained in 50+ years of dental visit.

2These guys get it.!  The owner even came in to say “Hi”.  He shook my hand, asked some genuine questions and made me feel important.  Does this sound like the way you and your staff work with the precious assets we call clients?  As a Business Consultant in Parksville, BC, I notice businesses like this.  I also try to emulate their culture and integrate it into my own when possible.

On the other hand, I have recently been having terrible, repetitive experiences with a nearby bank.  They don’t get it!  They are often rude to clients and have a terrible service approach.  It starts at the top.  The Manager of the branch doesn’t engage with clients well at all, the staff does not realize that without customers, they would not be employed.  They have an arrogance throughout the management team that stretches into several middle managers.  What a terrible environment for employees to learn!  All this from a bank that recently has been thoroughly chastised in public for up-selling clients into unnecessary products and services!

Hopefully you are the business that treats clients like gold.  Business success depends so often on word of mouth.  Nine good results can be overcome with a bad review or poor treatment by the staff.  These business need help because their brand is suffering and we do have many other alternatives.

If you need help with your business, StudioIMI would be pleased to offer its services. We provide business consulting In Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Bowser, Nanoose, Nanaimo and Comox/Courtney.