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Is WordPress Good for Web Design?

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Is WordPress Good for Web Design?


If you know anything about web design and websites, you know WordPress. Many people don’t realize how long it’s been around for. From it’s launch in 2003, WordPress has caught on as one of the easiest and most user-friendly applications for web design. Of course it didn’t start off being the best, it used to be a blog creation tool! Now its current incarnation is a premier website design platform. WordPress is among the leading web design solutions in the industry today, to put it in perspective, 27% of the internet is powered by WordPress. TED, NBC, New York Observer,, CNN, all of these organizations are using WordPress to fuel their website, so it might not be a bad idea to jump on the train if you haven’t already.

So where’s the catch? As far are we are concerned, there isn’t one if you don’t want it. WordPress is relatively free, and by relatively, I mean if you aren’t buying themes or plugins created by other developers you’re good to go! Luckily there are a lot of themes available for free. The CMS (content management system), is free, allowing you to create and manage your digital content. Taking advantage of WordPress and it’s free options relieves you of having to cough up money for something you’re not yet acquainted with and may have a fear of trying in the first place. You might be put off by having to design your own website because it’s too difficult, or spend a lot of money and  time on a project that you may not know the full scope of. WordPress allows you to tinker at your own pace without the stress on your wallet when you’re not ready for it.

There are thousands of website plug-ins that can be activated and used by simply clicking the mouse. Whether your site is just a simple contact form or you’re looking for an ecommerce store, the easy to navigate plug-ins will allow you to fill your needs. Not a coder? Since there are approximately 16,000,000 websites powered by WordPress on the internet, you can expect a large community dedicated to helping each other out by recommending plugins, themes or troubleshooting help.



For those that are more experienced in the realm of web design and internet usage, one of the most exciting aspects of WordPress is the fact that it’s open source and not beholden to corporate or other commercial interests. It can be altered or tweaked in any way possible, limited only by the imagination of the budding programmer or developer. Don’t see a theme you want or need someone to filter out the best for you? Take an existing theme and hire a local web developer to fill out the rest of your needs, whether it’s making it into a responsive theme, or having an added feature.

Speaking of features, WordPress makes SEO easier to use by having a build in area where you can place keywords. It will automatically solve most keyword issues so your website can be ranked more easily by search engines.

All of these factors are strong arguments on why you should use wordpress as the initial solution to getting your website up and running. With easy to use plug-ins, feature-rich templates and themes, and a dedicated community, we recommend you give it a try.