Canada’s 150th Birthday

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Canada’s 150th Birthday

Years ago friends of ours brought a CD to our cottage and we listened, for the first time, to this traditional and light-hearted song written and sung by the Arrogant Worms…  Hope you enjoy the song.

StudioIMI has been in business since 2003 and has worked with over 300 clients across North America. Our areas of expertise include: retail, B2B, franchises, hospitality, tourism, industrial, commercial and recreational. We have built web apps and help clients market their business.

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Happy 150th Birthday Canada


At StudioIMI, we have been busy.  Part of our workload in 2017 has been the release of our new application Show Me The WiFi.  This great web-based app allows Victorians and visitors to track businesses that provide free WiFi.

You can take a Pedicab, walk, drive, bus or cab20170410_120520 around Victoria and our map provides free locations for you: restaurants, stores, galleries, tourist attractions and more.

If you are looking for free WiFi, you can download this free app by going to and checking out the Map of nearly 1000 free WiFi locations in Victoria alone

Canada_day_celebrationsIt’s an amazing time to be in Victoria for Canada’s 150th Birthday. Those of us lucky enough to call this home enjoy everything that is available to us.  You may be visiting Victoria for the July 1st weekend or meeting up with friends. Either way we hope you take advantage of the large number of things happening in the city.
Tourism Victoria has a link to everything you want to see…

StudioIMI has been in business since 2003 and has worked with over 300 clients across North America. Our areas of expertise include: retail, B2B, franchises, hospitality, tourism, industrial, commercial and recreational. We have built web apps and help clients market their business.

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Entrepreneurial Success through Outsourcing

At StudioIMI Franchise Consultants, we work with a range of different businesses from large corporations to small enterprises and both Independents and Franchise Operations. At the end of the day, the same business principles apply in most cases. Business people need to focus on their areas of expertise and outsource some of the functions that take too much time and are not all that effective in expanding the client base.

StudioIMI Franchise Consultants provide a variety of services and support to franchise operations. With a long history of experience in many markets including: education businesses (Above Grade Level) who provide in-home tutoring services, (Academy for Mathematics & English) with a bricks and mortar type of supplemental education services, Padgett Small Biz Pros who provide both home-based as well as office environment business accounting and consulting franchises and couriers, printing and mailboxes (The UPS Store).

We primarily help franchise operations with their sales and marketing efforts. They tend to be open to ideas and don’t have all the answers. Building optimized websites, providing ad-word campaigns, implementing social media programs as well as writing very focused blogs and web content to help the brand become more well-known. It takes an expert approach that a company like StudioIMI can provide.

We often are brought in to create very effective SEO websites which have longevity and sustainability for a business. There are some very unique traits that this marketing tactic addresses for any company. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more all are effective in building your marketing presence. It takes a long-term effort, but it will pay off.

The problem most owners have is where to find time to write blogs, add likes and links to other social media outlets, while at the same time handling the rest of the business. This is why it is a benefit to outsource part of this to a company that excels in marketing. A business owner simply cannot expect to be engaged in every aspect of their company. It is enough to manage employees and clients, deal with accounting, follow up on marketing leads and close sales opportunities. Then there are the mundane aspects of a business that take enormous amounts of time leaving little left in the tank for busy owners.

Outsourcing is a great way to get a feeling for programs without committing to a new hire. You can try a social media campaign for 3 months with a company to test the waters. You may ever decide you have learned enough to handle this on your own. We’re ok with that. We prefer to teach someone to fish rather than bringing the fish to them. There will be other projects to work on together and you are often the best person to write about your company.

Let us know if we can provide any services for you right now:

Sales and Marketing
Lead Generation
Lead Management
Research and Development
Blog writing
Social Media set-up and Management
Google ad-word campaigns
Facebook campaigns
Content for your website
Press Releases
White Papers
Case Studies
Website Design and Programming
…and more.

Contact StudioIMI today   or  phone 778-440-3031


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Dunelm Village Strata hires StudioIMI to build their website

dv-dallas3StudioIMI was approached by Dunelm Village Strata in James Bay, Victoria to create a web presence to help them with a variety of functionality. The strata was wrestling with several issues: a lack of a single place to store documents, the difficulty in communicating to the 33 owners regarding events and news at the village and a way to show real estate companies what Dunelm Village was all about.

StudioIMI accepted the challenge and developed an interactive website that offered a solution to several of the issues facing the strata:

  1. we built a pleasant outward looking site that told casual visitors about Dunelm Village
  2. we created a section to handle the large amount of documents needed to support the strata
  3. we added a gallery of images for the owners
  4. we also created a space where emergency numbers could reside

slider_strataWe also made the website in WordPress that allows for a myriad of available add-ons as needed that are inexpensive to add and easy to maintain. We also created a back-up mechanism for Dunelm Village that would insure precious documents were backed up in a secure and safe environment.

The site is simple for Dunelm Committee Members to add new categories, images and events anytime.

Our goal was to build a website that the village could be proud of and make it easier for owners to access key documents whenever necessary.

StudioIMI has been creating great web properties for associations, large and small businesses, artists, tutor companies, financial service industries, property management and real estate companies, recreation, artists and commercial enterprises for more than 12 years in Victoria.

If you want to talk to any of our staff about your own needs, please do not hesitate to call us anytime. We provide fair value, expert support and service and have built long-term relationships with many companies across North America.


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