Canada’s 150th Birthday

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Canada’s 150th Birthday

Years ago friends of ours brought a CD to our cottage and we listened, for the first time, to this traditional and light-hearted song written and sung by the Arrogant Worms…  Hope you enjoy the song.

StudioIMI has been in business since 2003 and has worked with over 300 clients across North America. Our areas of expertise include: retail, B2B, franchises, hospitality, tourism, industrial, commercial and recreational. We have built web apps and help clients market their business.

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Happy 150th Birthday Canada


At StudioIMI, we have been busy.  Part of our workload in 2017 has been the release of our new application Show Me The WiFi.  This great web-based app allows Victorians and visitors to track businesses that provide free WiFi.

You can take a Pedicab, walk, drive, bus or cab20170410_120520 around Victoria and our map provides free locations for you: restaurants, stores, galleries, tourist attractions and more.

If you are looking for free WiFi, you can download this free app by going to and checking out the Map of nearly 1000 free WiFi locations in Victoria alone

Canada_day_celebrationsIt’s an amazing time to be in Victoria for Canada’s 150th Birthday. Those of us lucky enough to call this home enjoy everything that is available to us.  You may be visiting Victoria for the July 1st weekend or meeting up with friends. Either way we hope you take advantage of the large number of things happening in the city.
Tourism Victoria has a link to everything you want to see…

StudioIMI has been in business since 2003 and has worked with over 300 clients across North America. Our areas of expertise include: retail, B2B, franchises, hospitality, tourism, industrial, commercial and recreational. We have built web apps and help clients market their business.

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social media strategy

Social Media Trends for Small Businesses

social media strategyStudioIMI knows that social media strategies are changing so fast that challenges for small business owners make it tough to stay ahead of trends. Nearly twenty-five percent of small business owners currently use social media in some way and a business needs to adapt their online strategies needs for 2015 and beyond. To make your products and services relevant to your target market, you need to investigate these trends to help get your unique business value relayed over social networks.

An example of this is that many social media platforms have designed a variety of systems to handle payments without requiring the buyers to even leave the platform they are on. They want to help you network with buyers and to function as an online wallet for your store. For small businesses, this concept aims to maximize conversions and increase the chances of the conversion to making a purchase happen more easily. Conversions result in buyers, and that is the bottom line. Social media platforms want to manage transactions for you the business owner; they want the conversion to occur on their platform so your clients will not have to leave their site. Transactions take place through the shortest path.

Time Magazine recently wrote that Facebook has a payment function actually hidden within the messenger app. This feature is designed to work with the auto-fill option allowing buyers to save their credit info. It would also integrate with the Facebook “buy” button, so your clients can make purchases while on Facebook.

Twitter also has its one-stop-shop market with a “buy” button that can be embedded into tweets, making it so easy for prospective buyers in your network to buy directly from the tweets without being redirected to a separate e-commerce site as has been the case for years.

Tumbler has a similar system with “buy”, “pledge”, and “get involved” buttons that allow users to post links from sites like Kickstarter, Artsy, and Etsy, and actually take an action. This is becoming a huge advantage for small business owners as they can close a sale more easily without a lot of effort for their clients.

Snapchat also has a partnership with Square, so clients can transfer money directly to their friend’s accounts via “Snapcash”.

These examples mark the beginning of social shopping. It is a secure, fast, easy, and convenient alternative to redirecting buyers to PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, or any other type of online payment.

Social shopping has great upside value, since business owners already having an active social media presence, can use their network to sell to. It is a live and active medium for online success that allows deals to be shared quickly, buyers to make purchases without leaving the network, and sellers to easily track their sales campaigns.

StudioIMI has been in business for over 12 years and offers a variety of social media platform set up and management. You may call us at 778-440-3031 or contact us through our contact page. for more details.

We have platforms ready to go and set up is quite simple.

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Launch of Arlo’s Honey Farm revised site

StudioIMI is pleased to announce the launch of the revised site for Arlo’s Honey Farm.


helen at the farm

In early 2015, Helen approached StudioIMI with the challenge of building upon the brand of the farm and making some revisions to the website we designed for her originally in 2010. We have had a great relationship with Helen for years and she is a pleasure to work with. Although she invests so much of her energies into the farm and the bees, she understands the need to connect with her friends and customers through the power of the internet.
Helen wanted to add some new sections to the site including garlic and other produce that have become a big part of the farm’s output.

StudioIMI recently converted the site to WordPress and updated the shopping cart and the social media aspects of Arlo’s Honey Farm. The new site launched on May 14, 2015 and Helen is very pleased.


honey by the jar

As the owner of this beautiful, well-known Okanagan business, Helen has been providing honey products and tours of the farm for many years. Recently, she decided to focus more time and energy on the farm property along with her husband and wanted to develop the farm produce offering to a larger extent on the website.


basket of garlic

After many years displaying at the farmers markets in Kelowna, it was time to spend more time with the bees and the fantastic fresh produce the farm produced and the results are starting to pay off. Arlo’s Honey Farm has a great reputation after many, many years in business and the farm keeps both of them and their employees very busy. The farm produces all types of honey products but also things like garlic, beets and other produce.

ahf photos 022

honey soap

The farm is thriving, the bees are healthier than ever before and if you have a chance to visit the farm during their business hours, it is worth the 10 minute or so trip out of Kelowna into the beautiful hills. See the website for the hours and directions to the farm and please follow Helen on Twitter and Facebook. 


lip balm

“Our honey is a two time award winner at the Inter Provincial Exhibition and our honey has been cherished as gifts in England, Germany, India, Malaysia, Japan and China.


foot creams

We have opened our farm for you to enjoy the wonder of the honey bee and explore the goodness of honey and hive products. The Interpretation center is for your enjoyment and the Gift Shop is a euphoria of honey, honey products, our own Honey Recipe Book and Bee Basics, our natural and honey based products for skin care. Tours of the farm require an appointment. See Contact Us and book in advance to avoid disappointment.”


StudioIMI can play an important role in creating a brand new website, revising your web property or building a vibrant social media presence for your business. StudioIMI has been around since 2003 and has developed over 300 websites for business of all sizes. Our clients live and work in Canada and the USA.

We focus on strata developments, artists, recreation, landscaping sites, franchises, property management and real estate, nutrition sites and a number of other markets. No job is too big or too small for us to consider. For an easy discussion about your business please call us.

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