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Strata Website Package Deal in BC

StudioIMI is pleased to build a great website for your Strata. We are an experienced and successful website design company, familiar with Strata’s as well. We understand the intricate nature of how a Strata works and the needs of this specific website. We sit in on Council Meetings to determine the costs as well as the features that are needed.  Call us if we can help during your strata meetings.

P1230593A Case Study:
In the scenario for Dunelm Village in Victoria BC, there were 33 town-home owners of varying ages and demographics. The community was very friendly and the Council of 6 owners worked closely together to manage the property.

In many cases, owners choose to manage the property maintenance and finances themselves and in other situations a property management company is contracted to do the job. It is always a decision that requires consideration: cost vs control and available resources. The Council had their own ideas of what they wanted in the beginning however the requirements grew as we discussed needs. We met a couple of times to vet out what they absolutely needed and what their budget was.

  • They primarily wanted a place they could store their Strata documents and to be able load minutes of their AGMs, SGMs, Depreciation Reports & budgets
  • They also needed a secure login for all owners and a separate secure login for Council members to manage data
  • They asked for a friendly home page and something real estate agents could refer to
  • They also wanted to have regular back-ups and ongoing maintenance, all of which we were able to provide.

They soon added a Calendar, a Gallery feature and some other nice-to-haves that made the site quite usable. In the end the website met all their requirements, stayed within their budget and everyone seemed to be pleased with the results.

P1230523Website Report (A testimonial from Council)
Dunelm’s website presents very well; it is full of information, documents and photographs pertaining to life here at Dunelm Village.  It is a site for owners, realtors, potential buyers and the general public and all can find something of interest here. A big thank you to Craig Montgomery and his team at StudioIMI for creating such a great, user friendly website.  Word Press is the web software/editor used for our website. The general public can access a limited portion of the website at: . Owners have been given their own unique log-in name & password and can access the full website by logging in using the log-in button on the above website or directly at the log-in page at.

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You can have your own site built starting at $995 in about 4 weeks (depending on your ready-to-go assets) for the following:

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