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Social Media Services Parksville BCSocial Media continues to mature into an integral part of most marketing campaigns. A well-balanced marketing campaign these days absolutely must have an element of social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and other social media are a critical piece of your marketing engine.

We can implement any platform for your business, launch and maintain the social media for you or we can teach you how to use it to promote this for your business. Google and others are aligning their marketing ever more with social media. Expertise is needed to create your social media presence effectively. We see many companies handing this task off to unqualified staff who may have attended a weekend training course and this can be disastrous.

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Our social media services include the following:

  • Creation and implementation of most social media platforms
  • Maintenance of your social media programs
  • Updates that are required by the main social media providers
  • Ongoing monitoring and adding the right connections for you
  • Targeting your main audience in order to focus your efforts
  • Analyzing results and changing course when needed
  • Networking with blogging communities to advance your social media campaigns
  • Research and tracking new trends and requirements
  • Modifying keywords and phrases to insure you are getting the best traction

In terms of branding, every business is unique with a customized approach needed. When we become involved in branding exercises, we know it requires extensive analysis and a variety of considerations.

Recently we worked with a large organization that was wrestling with the definition of their brand. There were so many opinions from management and lots of “experts” involved with enough ideas for ten companies. Some felt the brand was high end, some felt it should appeal to the more middle-of-the-road. We watched as months went by, many ideas came and went and they were stuck. StudioIMI had already determined this was something that required a more fundamental approach. The organization neglected to ask the customer, they neglected to ask the market, they neglected to look at their history and they decided a “top-down” mandate was what was needed. In the end, the brand was actually what 90% of their clients mentioned every single day. It was what the sales and marketing expertise they had in-house had told them many times. The forgot to listen to their experts.

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These are situations that StudioIMI has been involved with for years. With experience in large corporations (Intel, Motorola, and Phillips) and franchises (UPS, Tutor Doctor, Padgett) as well as a multitude of small to medium-sized businesses, we have gained insights and expertise in drilling down to what the business represents. Egos have to be parked at the door. Executives don’t always have the answers, only opinions like everyone. Real advances happen when open-minds are welcomed. It is the only way branding campaigns and self-determination can happen.

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