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If you are not experiencing the lead generation numbers you expect, we can help! We analyze your website content, your call-to-actions, your goals and your overall on-line marketing programs and then we are able to provide a solution for your business. With over 15 years of on-line experience, hundreds of campaigns and a solid offering of services, we can get the job done. If you are looking to have your current website pumped up with keywords that are effective, we offer these services as well.


We want to be pragmatic though. There is no magic wand here. It takes time and patience to build the proper foundation, but think of your business the way you would want it to be, then implement the right content and it will pay dividends.

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We will provide you with weekly reports to show results of the campaigns so there is no guessing, just open disclosure. PPC or ad-words can have dramatic results for your lead generation. Your website however, needs to have the right call-to-action once you drive prospects to your site. The important part is to get those visitors to look around your site, see the products or services they need and then contact you. It’s up to you to do the rest. You need to be able to convert those leads into clients.

Our Pay-per-click campaigns work depending on a number of factors. Set your expectations based on the competition, the demographics and the geographic locations you are aiming for. A smaller territory is typically easier to target and have success because we can pinpoint postal codes. Retail is a prime example where we can focus on the immediate, surrounding areas to build your funnel and increase sales. As long as you continue to purchase ads from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, the leads will continue to materialize. This works well with so many clients worldwide, it is just a matter of hiring a professional company who knows how to succeed at PPC.

Download our ’10 Simple SEO Mistakes that Google penalizes you for’ Fact Sheet (PDF)
Our SEO campaigns work best if we can make the changes needed to your website to improve the keywords based on our analysis. Content is a critical component to make this work. Aligning your social media platforms and promoting regular, topical, well-written blogs the search engines love to see, will have an impact over time. Think of SEO as your sustained marketing programs that will place you solidly with the organic search-engines. It is sustainable and you have a lot more control over your marketing this way. Unlike PPC, once you attain good ranking and continue to run the content programs you are doing, the results will be good.

For your website, we can’t emphasize enough, the need for great content. This is what keeps your website dynamic. It is where your call to action can work best. It is what differentiates your business from thousands of competition and encourages clients to visit your site again and again and ultimately become your repeat client.

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