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Promotion for 2017



Just in time to kick off the 2018 year, StudioIMI has something to help your business.

If you sign up with us for a new website or to revise an older site, we are offering the following five free components:

  1. Free website hosting for one year
    This is a $300.00 cost normally and yours included in a new web design.
    It includes your email and any work required to move the domain to our server.
  2. Twitter social media creation and set-up
    We help get you started promoting your business.
    We also can help with Facebook, Instagram and more unique social media you want.
    We build this to co-ordinate with your marketing efforts.
  3. Google Analytics
    You also should be paying attention to your statistics.
    We make it easy to review the way the world looks at your website.
    This can be critical to your SEO efforts and other marketing you do.
  4. Four original blogs of 300-words or more
    We look to you for ideas and write blogs to get you started.
    We have written hundreds of professional blog content.
  5. Four hours of professional business consulting
    I am a trained business coach and can help you with the gaps.
    Ever just need to run ideas past an objective source?
    You can accomplish a lot in 4 hrs, why not give it a try?

It doesn’t matter if we launch the site in 2018, just sign up now and we can help your business. This is a great time to  focus on your brand and build for the new year.
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