Launch of Show Me The Wifi Application

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Launch of Show Me The Wifi Application

Hello Victoria,

We are very proud to announce the latest in innovations from the combined efforts of StudioIMI and Custom Coding Group.  Our two companies have successfully been partnering for over 18 years and this application is expected to have excellent, long-term reach in the Victoria market.


We bring you our Show Me The Wifi application.

This fantastic application provides visitors to Victoria with the tools that “map” out many local, free wifi locations. This is a chance for Tourists and Victorians alike to be able to travel through the city and find the great businesses that offer products and services, sales and other deals.

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If you can access the internet, you can download the application on to your device (smart phone, tablet, computer). Then, you’re ready to take advantage of the free wifi throughout the city as you travel by pedicab, bus, taxi, car or even by foot.

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We are a team of experienced web professionals and business owners involved in the tourism industry in Victoria.  With more than twenty years of working knowledge of Victoria developing websites, social media and on-line marketing, we have what it takes to support this service in the city.

If you are a business owner in Victoria and want a simple and innovative way to draw clients to your location, please give us a call 250-580-5250 and we can explain how the service works.   We are a part of Tourism Victoria so you can see how we are building leads for local companies. Check us out at the Cruise Ship Terminal (in season) as we have our advertising on a few Victoria Pedicabs.

This is an absolutely great way to spread the word.  All it takes is for tourists and Victorians to load our program, look at the map and they have access to free wifi, city-wide.  You may be in hospitality, special events, galleries, walking/boat/helicopter tours, restaurants or retail.  This service can work for just about everyone.

View our on-line Map of free wifi locations throughout the city.  Visitors from cruise ships, Canadians travelling here from outside of Vancouver Island or even our good friends from the USA, Europe and Asia can use this guide to help them navigate the city.

Show Me The Wifi is one of the most advantageous ways for you to learn about the city, take advantage of specials and deals and utilize free wifi at the same time. to use our free application.