Launch of Heart in Hand Books

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Launch of Heart in Hand Books

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At StudioIMI, we are very pleased to announce the launch of a new website we have been designing over the past several months. is a new publishing company and the premier book release takes on a very delicate situation that impacts so many of us. Author Jeanne Sedun is no stranger to thissubject and offers some powerful messages of compassion in handling life and death.

From her website bio:

“Jeanne Sedun believes there is a better way to navigate the end of life journey.  Drawing on her training as a teacher, project manager and Protestant minister, she creates a roadmap for supporting a loved one facing a terminal illness. Jeanne treats this difficult subject with honesty, sensitivity and clarity”.

“She has a unique combination of practical writing and communication skills, the ability to challenge and inspire, and compassion for others”.

We are very pleased to have played a part in the website and the development of Jeanne’s publishing company, Heart in Hand Books.

Jeanne proudly lives in Victoria, BC with her family and enjoys life to the fullest. Check out this website and if you know anyone looking for some guidance in their life, please consider picking up a copy of this book.

Buy the Book Online‎ or Read a Sample Chapter

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