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Business Start-Up Parksville BC

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Business Start-Up Parksville BC

jan22v     At StudioIMI, we  are contacted regularly by entrepreneurs looking to put their great ideas into action.  We find it very interesting to work with start-ups… we were one ourselves a few years back, as well.  We never take for granted what it means to be at “Go”.  My first business start-up happened in 1996 almost accidentally.   I found myself in a situation with Motorola after ten years, of wanting to raise a family and stay in one city.  I decided it was time to give a business idea I had my full focus.  I took a severance package rather than move for a new role and decided to start up a technology sales firm.  It was a difficult time, people didn’t leave larger companies like Motorola, especially with a promotion in play but I decided it was time.

I started up my sales rep firm with just one software manufacturer contract in Eastern Canada.  It took exactly three months before I had a number of manufacturers calling me to handle sales for them in the same territory.

My first business needed a brand and a website which we pulled together quickly.  I had great contacts so this was somewhat of an easy part.  Motorola had provided incredible experience and I knew lots of engineers and marketing people.  In the late 90’s, marketing was more experiential; trade shows, direct sales calls and lots of references from the manufacturers. We didn’t really have to rely on the marketing tactics so necessary today.

It was an extremely fast ride and within three years, I was generating over $5M in sales and having the best time of my life.  It culminated with a firm from the UK offering to buy my company if I joined them as Global VP of Sales and Marketing. I took the deal.

swot2Today’s environment is so much more different. The proliferation of the internet requires companies to build marketing campaigns using so much more; SEO for long-term sustainability, PPC to get a fast start out of the gate, Social Media to promote the brand as well as  a lot of the traditional marketing tactics.

We treat StudioIMI (inc in 2003) today as if it is still a new business in many ways.  We are always looking for the next client and the the next project.  The difference is that we have over 300 projects under our belt and a better understanding of what is needed to be successful. We also do quite a bit of business consulting along the way.  This allows us to provide top to bottom solutions: web marketing, traditional sales and marketing support, lead generation and more.

If you find your self in a position of starting up a business and need some good advice, please call us for a free consultation.  Sometimes all it takes is for you to discuss the strategies with someone who has been there.  We’re happy to give you some time to determine what’s possible and where you can go with your own start-up.  Best choice we ever made, we can help you too.

StudioIMI has been in business since 2003. We have built hundreds of sites across North America.  Our target market are: small business, tourism, hospitality, finance, retail, artists, recreation, agriculture, distribution, real estate and more.

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