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Business Coaching Parksville BC


We provide Business Coaching in Parksville BC.  It is part of our company offering to clients in this area.  Although we do provide a complete suite of solutions for small to medium sized businesses, coaching can be applied to most situations.  My coaching career started over fifteen years ago.

I was up in the air travelling from the UK back to Ottawa in the Fall of 2001.  I had made this trip countless times to our head office in London. Part way across the ocean, the captain came on and told us that we were diverting to another airport and he would get back to us with details.  Of course we were upset, but did not think much about it.  The staff on the plane soon became a little more quiet but busier.  They seemed to be  anxious and I could sense something was amiss, having flown across the globe most of my career.  The captain came on to tell us to sit back and enjoy the flight though we would be landing in Montreal.  I did not think too much more as he seemed calm and professional but…

Landing in Montreal, I was chatting with a Brit from the same plane as we waited to grab our bags and then headed to the car rental counter. We were lucky enough to catch the very last rental car to drive ourselves to Ottawa.  The airport was in complete chaos and it felt like a war zone with military people everywhere ( guns and all).  We still could not get any information on what was happening at this point.

Finally, in the rental car with the Brit who I had offered a ride to, we plugged in our phones and listened to the news describing the horror of the planes that had struck the World Trade Center towers and 9/11 was about to play a significant role in everyone’s life.  I was in shock and the extra drive did not help matters much.  I let everyone know we were safe and got home hours later to a huge hug from my wife and daughter and right then, I decided it was time for a change.

A couple weeks after that, I left the high tech industry and enjoying a short break, took on some business coaching roles and eventually moved from Ontario to British Columbia.  I coached executives in the mining industry and in technology as well and my new career was on track.  Once we settled in Kelowna, BC in 2002, I connected with an associate and we started up StudioIMI (nee iMotion Marketing Inc) and I have run the company since then.  My friend and associate, went on to build a successful design and importing business.

I continued to use my Business Coaching skills in Parksville BC and other areas while building a network of new clients across the country.  business.1A Business coach has a very important role in working with a client: discover what the most important issue is for the executive (or company) and work on a strategy to overcome the issue towards a more positive business outcome.  It works for almost anyone who is willing.  In fact, what I discovered is that a cathartic moment in business coaching someone is when they actually start to anticipate things and in effect begin to “coach” themselves.

business-plansThese are life-long skills that can be applied to most businesses in Parksville BC.  When a client approaches StudioIMI to build a web presence, we dig deep into the key goals of the client.  Working from there, we devise a strategic plan, evaluate the budget and determine what the strategic and the tactical plans will be, to meet the long-term goals.  We are a different company at StudioIMI, our people have in-depth experience, are entrepreneurs themselves and this is how we provide real value-add.

StudioIMI has been in business since 2003. We have coached, consulted with and built hundreds of sites across North America.  Our target markets are: small business, tourism, hospitality, finance, retail, artists, recreation, agriculture, distribution, real estate and more.

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