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New Business Website Ranking

businessAt StudioIMI, we build websites for new companies as well as for existing ones.  The rules for both of these scenarios require a clear discussion of priorities.  A brand new website typically includes us acquiring a domain from a company such as GoDaddy.  They are one of many “Registrars” in that market.  Once you buy the domain, you will have to make sure to renew it before it expires.  Often, it may be recommended that you buy different iterations of the domain to protect your property and brand.

It is an important first step in your brand marketing.  Selecting a domain is usually a long-term process so it pays to take the time to pick something that makes sense.  You can tell a short story about your company with your domain name.  It can be an intuitive domain, reflecting “very briefly” what your company does.  We build upon this domain.

Once you have a domain registered, you can start to work on your logo, your mandate and your mission.  This is where you start to think about how you will market your business.  Most search engines like Google for example will typically “sandbox” your site for a while until it has its spiders check out your content for copyrights, links and other related items.  No matter how professional it looks and how the content reads, it simply takes time.  A great deal of patience is needed for business owners because the old movie saying “if you build it, they will come” is not necessarily true.

Social Media Services Victoria BCIt was much easier for a business to make a quick impression ten years ago.  Today, there are so many, many websites around that you need to find a way to stand out.  A Social Media focus, pushing original, informative blogs to your followers is a good way to overcome some of the positioning delays.  If you can write topical, error-free articles and post them to Facebook and Twitter as an example, it helps.

Google ad-words (pay-per-click) is another way to gain fairly immediate attraction for your site.  It definitely costs more money however, if the optimum purpose is to get exposure, it is effective.  You also need to take a lot of care with your content, because as the saying goes “content is king”, is so true. You can drive prospects to your site, however the content is what keeps them there longer.

StudioIMI goes through an in-depth analysis of your business goals before starting a new site.  This is an important step because the more we understand what you are trying to accomplish, the better chance we have for success.  I’ll address a few other very salient points to consider (SEO, Analytics, Meta tags etc), if you are just starting out, in next week’s blog.  For now, these are a few points to consider.

StudioIMI has been in business since 2003. We have built hundreds of sites across North America.  Our target market are: small business, tourism, hospitality, finance, retail, artists, recreation, agriculture, distribution, real estate and more.

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