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Business Tips – Think Long-term

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One of the most interesting presentations I heard in my career came from Terry Mathews back in the days of Newbridge Networks.  In Kanata, Ontario, Terry was a very successful entrepreneur having built Mitel and created Newbridge, both in the telecom market space.  He owns golf courses and numerous businesses in Ottawa and globally.

During Terry’s opening remarks, he asked the audience of business executives “to think like the company you want to be, not like the company you are”.  This was very useful to an entrepreneurial group.  The message was to always be thinking ahead. It was a lot like a game of chess where you have to be planning several moves ahead. It’s the same with running a business.  You can never really be in the moment as a Leader. You always have to be thinking about your next moves.

Terry Mathews helped numerous entrepreneurs create companies out of the Newbridge embryo.  In Kanata, he is respected as a tough businessman who has had great success and is forever looking for the next venture.

StudioIMI was started over thirteen years ago and was based on the premise of thinking ahead.  As an entrepreneur, Craig Montgomery has created several business start-ups and dealt with hundreds of clients in similar positions.  The words of Terry Mathews are timeless.

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Business Tips – Avoid Bad News Bears

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Along the way, you will run into a wide range of people who may have an impact on you as an entrepreneur.  Most people will likely venture an opinion about your ideas and you need to be careful to avoid those who always have negative thoughts.  They may not necessarily mean any harm, they may unfortunately not really get what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  You know the ones I’m referring to.  If you can overcome the negative comments and remain true to your goals, you will succeed.

The old saying “is the glass half full or half empty” applies to almost everyone.  half-fullI have a third part to this.  I look at all aspects of business and think positively every single day but also have learned to plan for the worst case scenario.  For me, whether the glass is half full or half empty depends on your point of view, however I like to question where do I get the “next glass of water”, just in case!  Remaining positive while looking into the future will prepare you for almost everything business can throw at you.

redundancyIn the technology industry, we built multiple layers of redundancy into our products…”just in case”.  It didn’t mean we were concerned about the quality of what we sold, we were just prepared for anything.  An example of this is “mission critical”, sometimes called “life and death” products.  The airline industry (navigation) and medical industry (pacemakers) for example, had to be prepared for the potential of a disaster, regardless of their quality.

Call us to learn more about StudioIMI’s business solutions.  We provide technical solutions (websites, SEO, PC) as well as marketing campaigns (Social Media, Blogs) and even consulting (business coaching, sales, marketing support).  We always look on the positive side of business and know that most problems can be solved.