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Starting a Business Part 1

Are you ready to get started?

bus-plansOwning your own business will have a profound affect on your life. At StudioIMI, we work with brand new clients all the time. In fact, at one point we were involved over a two-year period with an education franchise that was bringing on 50 to 100 new owners every year. Our job was to provide help to brand new franchise owners regarding lead generation and management strategies. Our customers were located in Canada, The USA and the UK. We had the privilege of providing support for these new owners. At times it was very challenging and yet rewarding when WordPress websites, social media, SEO or PPC campaigns worked effectively.

When an individual or as often is the case a family, purchase a franchise, they have visions of how great it will be to own their own business. They are enthusiastic, passionate and anxious to get started. They are also overwhelmed at how much there is to do.  They have received all forms of training about the cycles of the business. In some cases, property leases were required and in some, the set-up of a home office to handle the business needs.

New owners need to deal with computer equipment, financial statements, possibly bus-plans2hiring part-time administration people and so much more. Most people who work for themselves will be able to tell  you that even during the most difficult of days, being self-employed holds many more rewards than employment. Of course it does take a special personality to succeed and some of the recent blogs we have done regarding Padgett Small Biz Pros discuss the attributes they have.

One of the things we specialize in at StudioIMI is marketing. We understand, after more than 30 years in sales, how to take advantage of all the tools in the market. Every time we are asked to assess a business, we start by asking the question “what marketing are you doing today?” The answers have to include experiential marketing like trade shows, seminars, networking and business associations. It also has to include: websites, social media, blogs, advertising and maybe SEO/PPC. What has been working? What has not? Are you outsourcing to professionals or doing it yourself. There are so many answers to these questions however in the end, the litmus test is whether or not these things are working and what the return on investment (ROI) is.

pagett-logoWe love to work with new business owners. The ability to positively impact people is a very great responsibility. It means that we do not oversell our services. We take things slow; implement; measure; change; re-deploy; measure etc. We have seen through hundreds of campaigns that what may work with one business and one territory may work 100% differently in the next. This is why we have to analyse and customize a program for each situation. We look at long-term relationships because they work best.

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Padgett Business Characteristics: Imagination

Category : Franchising , Social Media


One of the key characteristics for Padgett Small Biz Pros to possess is imagination. This becomes increasingly important as you grow and start to look around at who is competing with your business. The best way to out think competitors is to generate more ideas compared to them and to uncover a number of ways that you can solve problems and create a unique business value.

We come across so many existing companies who still think of old solutions to their issues. The owners who are able to think in terms of new and different solutions, make a difference. It may take thinking of new ways to handle issues that are new to the industry. For example with technology moving so fast, a business owner has to be ahead of the curve to handle new payment options, mobile technology, workforce changes and other issues.

Incorporating the latest technologies can mean the way you communicate requires out-of-the-box thinking.  Smart phone advertising is an example with the prevalence of the technology. Videos have also become so valuable and using the plethora of Social Media outlets offer many unique ways to build your business using these modern solutions.

Imagination becomes a key factor in your business as you build the organization you envision. The staff you hire to assist in the success of your company will increasingly be required to adapt to these tactics. You need these people to continue doing what you have been doing  in the past as well as to be engaged in the new processes. When you hire people, try to bring people on board who have imagination as well. More and more it is important to think of the bigger picture in order to satisfy what you need today. Imagine once your company is full of innovative problem solvers to handle both the old and new issues.

StudioIMI has been in business since 2003 with a client base in franchising, technology, hospitality, recreation and retail. We develop unique solutions for every client. There really is not a one-size-fits-all as we have learned over the years. We customize our consulting work in the same way that we handle custom PHP program knowing there are several ways to handle every situation.

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Padgett Owner Characteristics: Sustainability

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One of the characteristics we know to be of great value to entrepreneurs is sustainability.  It can be also referred to as durability and persistence. This is the ability to maintain your attention on your business and not be distracted. It means that you depend on hard work instead of good luck. Before I became a serial entrepreneur, I thought I worked very hard. Indeed working in a corporate environment, we do work hard however, never quite as diligent as you do as an entrepreneur or franchise owner.

There is not a single successful entrepreneur that I know who does not put in many hours of work, even on weekends. Foregoing vacations, long weekends or taking the occasional “mental health” day simply doesn’t work. Typically, the days off are spent catching up with paperwork, bookkeeping, marketing and a myriad of other tasks. You need to sustain your efforts in order to meet your goals and sometimes there is simply not enough time in the week.

A Padgett Small Biz Pro owner knows that you can’t let up on the gas and you must continually apply direct pressure towards the pursuit of success. At the same time, while business owners can tell stories of many seven-day weeks, they almost always talk about those days as being some of the best years of their life. At times, you are the only one who truly understands what it takes. Most days you enjoy this sustainability because this is your passion and reason for being. Making progress in your own venture, spending countless hours to keep clients happy at tax time, seeing the results and occasionally even receiving a kind word for your efforts are what keeps us going.

There is a saying that I think applies here. The first time I heard it was from a hockey coach who was being interviewed after a game they won when the puck bounced off the opponent’s player into their net. He was asked how he felt to be lucky to win. He turned to the reporter and told him “you have to good to be lucky, and lucky to be good”.  I always remembered this because it made sense. Sustaining your hard work will result in a little luck from time to time…and that is a great thing.

StudioIMI Franchise Consultants can help you decide if a franchise is right for you. We represent accounting and education franchises and have years of experience with hundreds of owners. If you are interested in talking to us about Padgett Small Biz Pros, Academies for Learning or in-home tutoring franchisees, please contact us anytime.

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Padgett Franchisee Characteristics: Focus

Category : Web Stuff

padgett250Focus is the ability to concentrate on the project at hand and stay with it until completion. This may be as simple as writing a letter or as complex as filing year-end statements. Once you start a business, it’s important to maintain focus until all aspects of the business are running smoothly. This characteristic is critical to get through the start-up phase of the business. Once you have engaged with your customers  in a relationship, it is necessary to deliver on your promises and a system helps you with this.

Focus also means sticking with your strategies as much as possible. Some flexibility is needed as long as it doesn’t mean radical changes. Successful people are typically convinced of the viability of their company and once they take on a task, they see it through to the end. Padgett Small Biz Pros provide accounting and tax services to small businesses. Padgett customers also buy related financial services including insurance and financial planning. Our primary goals need to take precedence even though we see the potential for additional revenues in these areas. Padgett owners know that they need to focus on the areas of business that are in their game plan and try to ignore the “noise” around them. It would be easy to think you can provide these extra services. Your customer may even ask you to assume some of these responsibilities. However, it results in a loss of your focus. We don’t need to offer all related services, simply to be the very best at the ones in our game plan.

Focus on what you do best and build your share of the market and expand to new clients. Focus on these goals instead of trying to be all things to all people. It makes sense to succeed at the areas you are trained in and focus on being the expert. You won’t lose your clients by passing on some other projects. In fact, if you have built a referral network with other service providers, this is the time to involve them with your client. Get to know a couple of dependable financial planners and insurance providers. You establish a good relationship and in turn, they should be supplying you with the same referrals. Learn everything possible about your typical demographic and how this will help you gain market share. Focus on the things that you are successful at doing.

Padgett Small Biz Pros are looking for franchise owners in Central and Western Canada. They are a great company to become involved with. Call StudioIMI Franchise Consultants today to discuss your interest.

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New website launch – Victoria Car Consultant

homepagefeb2016StudioIMI is proud to announce the launch of our latest website. Victoria Car Consultants has started a new business in Victoria providing services to new and used car buyers. A Personal Car Buyer’s Consultant acts on behalf of Victoria based car buyers interested in simplifying the process of buying their next vehicle.

It does not matter if you are looking at leasing or financing, Victoria Car Consultants (VCC) can help you out. Trying to cut through the confusion of gasoline, electric or hybrids…no problem, just call them for more information. If you can’t decide on which SUV, sedan or two-seater sports car, there is a better way.

Everything from the initial determination of what type of vehicle you want to the type of financing, can be part of the programs offered by Victoria Car Consultants. Is the thought of spending valuable time negotiating a price at the dealer simply of no interest? Is time an issue? Should you take extended warranty? All you have to do is pick up the phone and call and you are on your way to an easier way to buy a car. They can save you money and time!

It is important to have a general idea of the type of vehicle and of course, your budget. Once this information is provided, the work begins for VCC. Are you looking for a large SUV or an mid-size electric car? Victoria Car Consultants do all the work for you. They research the vehicle you want and provide Consumer Reports as well as the range of prices and conditions.

Are you ready to sell your own car? Has it been appraised? Does it require some honest mechanical analysis? Has the car been reconditioned and detailed? Think of this process the way you would proceed if you were ready to sell your house. You would have major repairs done, carpets shampooed, cracked windows fixed and a report on the condition from a reputable mechanic. These are all things that Victoria Car Consultants can help with.

For straight forward talk about the vehicle you want to buy and to save money, you would be well served by calling Victoria Car Consultants for their advice. They offer a variety of programs depending on the level of assistance you need.


StudioIMI builds websites and provides marketing campaigns of all types. With expertise in Social Media, PPC and SEO, we have it all covered. Need content written for your website, a series of well-written blogs, articles, white papers or press reports, we can help your business.

If you have any questions about our services or technologies used – please contact us for more information.

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Padgett Business Characteristics: Conviction

padgett-logoPadgett Small Biz Franchise owners become directly involved with entrepreneurs. This is what makes many owners stand apart from other companies in this market. These opportunities arise in the course of business relationships that are offered by Padgett Small Business Pros. The Franchise specializes in assisting both start-ups as well small businesses. Franchise owners see first hand how businesses operate and can offer valuable insights to those owners. We see individuals start up new companies and get to play a role in their success. In addition to watching our clients, we also align ourselves with other successful franchisees. There are many chances to leverage off the strategies that work in other locations which is a huge benefit. There is nothing like connecting with another owner on phone calls and sometimes in person. In the franchise environment the foundation pieces are usually the same everywhere even if they scale in size. The same products and essentially the same training and tactics are deployed in the Padgett System. By watching these owners, we can draw some conclusions about successful entrepreneurs. They all share similar characteristics including Conviction.


Owners have to believe in themselves and need conviction to succeed. Success breeds success. Think about what it feels like to be successful instead of worrying about failure. You have the ability within to make things happen, take corrective steps when necessary and adjust your course as needed. Don’t let anything deter you from your goals. Business is a tough environment and it takes time and a conviction to be successful.

When you have this confidence, it shows in the way you handle everything around you. You may not always know that you are influencing your team or your peers but you are. They take power from you when you have conviction and it can pick them up when you demonstrate a will to win. In the beginning, it takes time and patience and if you don’t handle this effectively, you may not be stimulating the best from your team. You are the Leader and need to show the way, without losing that great attitude.

When you are selling to a client, you need to prove you have the ability to do the job. It can be difficult but the client has to perceive you as being the expert. There are times when you are meeting your very first customer. You may be full of fear that they will ask you for a reference or to name a few of your clients. This is when you most need to draw from your reserves and convince the customer that you have the skills and will work very hard to prove your value. Believe me, this is very tough…but you can handle it if you remain calm and assured.

The Rotary International Theme for 1993-1994, “Believe in what you do, do what you believe in,” is an important message. If you can have a few empowering messages like this to help you along the way, you will demonstrate confidence. Even when this is your very first customer, in your first business, you can build a comfort level and your integrity and dedication will show.

This is just one of the characteristics we will be blogging about over the next few weeks. Next up: Focus.

StudioIMI is a business solutions provider. One of the areas of expertise in sales and marketing over the past few years has been to work with Franchise and Small Business owners. We also have over 300 web designs and large numbers of social media, pay-per-click, SEO and related experience. Please call us if you need any advice or we can help your business.

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