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Social Media Trends for Small Businesses

social media strategyStudioIMI knows that social media strategies are changing so fast that challenges for small business owners make it tough to stay ahead of trends. Nearly twenty-five percent of small business owners currently use social media in some way and a business needs to adapt their online strategies needs for 2015 and beyond. To make your products and services relevant to your target market, you need to investigate these trends to help get your unique business value relayed over social networks.

An example of this is that many social media platforms have designed a variety of systems to handle payments without requiring the buyers to even leave the platform they are on. They want to help you network with buyers and to function as an online wallet for your store. For small businesses, this concept aims to maximize conversions and increase the chances of the conversion to making a purchase happen more easily. Conversions result in buyers, and that is the bottom line. Social media platforms want to manage transactions for you the business owner; they want the conversion to occur on their platform so your clients will not have to leave their site. Transactions take place through the shortest path.

Time Magazine recently wrote that Facebook has a payment function actually hidden within the messenger app. This feature is designed to work with the auto-fill option allowing buyers to save their credit info. It would also integrate with the Facebook “buy” button, so your clients can make purchases while on Facebook.

Twitter also has its one-stop-shop market with a “buy” button that can be embedded into tweets, making it so easy for prospective buyers in your network to buy directly from the tweets without being redirected to a separate e-commerce site as has been the case for years.

Tumbler has a similar system with “buy”, “pledge”, and “get involved” buttons that allow users to post links from sites like Kickstarter, Artsy, and Etsy, and actually take an action. This is becoming a huge advantage for small business owners as they can close a sale more easily without a lot of effort for their clients.

Snapchat also has a partnership with Square, so clients can transfer money directly to their friend’s accounts via “Snapcash”.

These examples mark the beginning of social shopping. It is a secure, fast, easy, and convenient alternative to redirecting buyers to PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, or any other type of online payment.

Social shopping has great upside value, since business owners already having an active social media presence, can use their network to sell to. It is a live and active medium for online success that allows deals to be shared quickly, buyers to make purchases without leaving the network, and sellers to easily track their sales campaigns.

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