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Launch of Arlo’s Honey Farm revised site

StudioIMI is pleased to announce the launch of the revised site for Arlo’s Honey Farm.


helen at the farm

In early 2015, Helen approached StudioIMI with the challenge of building upon the brand of the farm and making some revisions to the website we designed for her originally in 2010. We have had a great relationship with Helen for years and she is a pleasure to work with. Although she invests so much of her energies into the farm and the bees, she understands the need to connect with her friends and customers through the power of the internet.
Helen wanted to add some new sections to the site including garlic and other produce that have become a big part of the farm’s output.

StudioIMI recently converted the site to WordPress and updated the shopping cart and the social media aspects of Arlo’s Honey Farm. The new site launched on May 14, 2015 and Helen is very pleased.


honey by the jar

As the owner of this beautiful, well-known Okanagan business, Helen has been providing honey products and tours of the farm for many years. Recently, she decided to focus more time and energy on the farm property along with her husband and wanted to develop the farm produce offering to a larger extent on the website.


basket of garlic

After many years displaying at the farmers markets in Kelowna, it was time to spend more time with the bees and the fantastic fresh produce the farm produced and the results are starting to pay off. Arlo’s Honey Farm has a great reputation after many, many years in business and the farm keeps both of them and their employees very busy. The farm produces all types of honey products but also things like garlic, beets and other produce.

ahf photos 022

honey soap

The farm is thriving, the bees are healthier than ever before and if you have a chance to visit the farm during their business hours, it is worth the 10 minute or so trip out of Kelowna into the beautiful hills. See the website for the hours and directions to the farm and please follow Helen on Twitter and Facebook. 


lip balm

“Our honey is a two time award winner at the Inter Provincial Exhibition and our honey has been cherished as gifts in England, Germany, India, Malaysia, Japan and China.


foot creams

We have opened our farm for you to enjoy the wonder of the honey bee and explore the goodness of honey and hive products. The Interpretation center is for your enjoyment and the Gift Shop is a euphoria of honey, honey products, our own Honey Recipe Book and Bee Basics, our natural and honey based products for skin care. Tours of the farm require an appointment. See Contact Us and book in advance to avoid disappointment.”


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Dunelm Village Strata hires StudioIMI to build their website

dv-dallas3StudioIMI was approached by Dunelm Village Strata in James Bay, Victoria to create a web presence to help them with a variety of functionality. The strata was wrestling with several issues: a lack of a single place to store documents, the difficulty in communicating to the 33 owners regarding events and news at the village and a way to show real estate companies what Dunelm Village was all about.

StudioIMI accepted the challenge and developed an interactive website that offered a solution to several of the issues facing the strata:

  1. we built a pleasant outward looking site that told casual visitors about Dunelm Village
  2. we created a section to handle the large amount of documents needed to support the strata
  3. we added a gallery of images for the owners
  4. we also created a space where emergency numbers could reside

slider_strataWe also made the website in WordPress that allows for a myriad of available add-ons as needed that are inexpensive to add and easy to maintain. We also created a back-up mechanism for Dunelm Village that would insure precious documents were backed up in a secure and safe environment.

The site is simple for Dunelm Committee Members to add new categories, images and events anytime.

Our goal was to build a website that the village could be proud of and make it easier for owners to access key documents whenever necessary.

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